By: Jay De Leon, Arizona, USA (Tribute to the Philippines Independence Day)

Millions of Filipinos are wondering why our beloved country is in terrible shape not only politically but economically. These issues have been steaming up for decades now and it seems no permanent nor temporary solutions are at sight. Who is responsible? Who is the culprit? Who is to blame? These are the questions that are tough to answer with the exception of the last one. Filipinos nowadays are noted for finger pointing, escaping through the back door, and cutting corners and use of shortcuts. In the family, workplace, community, and the country as a whole, these unacceptable behavior is becoming so rampant. Why? Again, a very difficult question to answer and a fact that is painful to swallow.

Looking back in the 50’s and 60’s, Filipinos were more patriotic and country-loving people. They respected and loved their neighbors that made our country back then one of the richest countries in Asia. Our standing in the world community was highly recognized while our culture remained virgin and very rich. I can still recall my father, who was a public school teacher back then, he was well addressed and respected in the community. The teachers that time acted like the Barangay Chairmen. They were the “Consultants” in the community. Police Officers and Fire Fighters were the idols of the youngsters. They upheld the law, served and protected the people. Unlike now, these professionals are being looked down and considered as stains in our society. What an unfortunate outcome?

Politicians, so many years back, were the strong muscles of country’s framework. They were the backbone of the nation who formulated the laws of the land ensuring equal justice and social rights were served to the people. You met them back then, you shook their hands with honor not shook your head. Unlike before, the system promotes corruption, inequality, social injustice, and economic sabotage leading to the slow death of the basic fundamentals of a true democracy. Politicians take advantage of the weak, the sick, the poor, the very poor, the disadvantaged, and the uneducated. Political dynasty is growing stronger and stronger as ever. Politicians and their friends are above and enjoy the loopholes of the law while the poor citizens are stuck with its teeth. What a sad environment we are in?

Political cronies and big business people connected to government enjoy the monopoly and huge syndications. They have the advantage of special treatment from not paying the right taxes to illegal deals as long as they pay out “SOP” share. If you owe government thousands of pesos for not paying taxes, most likely you will be incarcerated. But if you owe them billions of pesos, you will definitely be acquitted and gain more businesses. Medium and small scale industries will remain suppressed due to unequal playing field in the market and lack of government subsidies to survive or compete. You corrupt more people in government, then, your business will grow faster. I pity the fixed income earners who pay their taxes religiously but they are the only ones absorbing the economic shocks of uncontrollable hike in price of the basic commodities and necessities . What a very challenging situation?

Poverty is at all time high and the gap between the rich and the very poor becomes unimaginably wide. Healthcare standard hasn’t improved considering the number of talented medical professionals we produce every year. Millions of Filipinos are suffering from tuberculosis brought about by malnutrition and pollution. Prostitution and sex slavery are uncontrollably growing most especially with teenage kids. AIDS and other sexually transmitted diseases are gaining grounds in the country’s health arena. Proper garbage disposal is another looming problem of the nation. Mismanaged traffic problems, in urban areas most especially in Metro Manila, is a creeping cancer in the transportation system complicated by the “Tong” syndicate being operated by the unscrupulous policemen. Squatters are becoming the latest landmarks and landscapes of the cities. Deteriorating school system is continuously slipping down the drain and not meeting the demand of skills needed locally and becoming uncompetitive in the world market. Population growth is phenomenal leading to the shortage of food and social services. Illegal drugs, drug related crimes, and robberies are on the rise while the justice system is getting lazier and blinder. Cleanliness and orderliness at the public places are getting rotten thus giving foreign tourists a very short lasting impression if not a nightmare. Streets flooding is very common experience when rainy season comes. Streets are decorated with homeless, sick, and abandoned kids. Every election time local or national, cheating is the name of the game. Voters sell their right of suffrage as low as 500 pesos. Automation of election processes is being opposed by strong politicians so they can perpetuate their political scams. Political system in our country is a very lucrative business for the few. What a huge disaster?

Government was so proud in announcing that we are the number one in exporting human power in the world. The majority of which are domestic helpers or “Alila” who work in Hong Kong, Middle East and Europe. Overseas workers send over 10 Billion Dollars a year back home to revive the dying economy. This equates to the countless workers abroad who were imprisoned without justice, sexually abused and raped, physically and emotionally abused, and starved. On top of that, back home, there are broken families and abandoned children brought about by the missing parents who worked abroad for years. What kind of family and social values can these children learn? What kind of society we are trying to form? “Brain Drain” has been an issue in our country for so many decades now. This problem was never addressed seriously. Those brilliant doctors, nurses, engineers, teachers and other professionals, who had the chance to get out of the country, are not interested to return anymore and invest their talent and experience back home. Government has no program in placed enticing back these golden and talented people. Would it be nice if we are exporting commodities not humans to the world market?

What caused all of these problems? Is it government or Juan De La Cruz? In my opinion, our people is the main player in these problems. However, government systems were the root cause. After second world war, our government failed to employ the true principles of democracy. Yes, the form of government is democratic “in paper” but the true “soul of democracy” was not there available for the people. People lost their trust and confidence with the system and the love to their country had deteriorated to an alarming level. The economy was down the drain due to corruption thus people live day by day just to survive. The very few strong and influential people made it to the top, the talented professionals left the country while the weak and honest majority were left at the bottom picking up crumbs. I almost had a heart attack after reading an essay written by a Korean student studying in the Philippines. She made a comparison of South Korea and the Philippines. Economic situation in South Korea was even worst than the Philippines since they had to deal with the devastating effect of the Korean war. The only difference was, South Koreans never gave up loving their country and they rebuilt the nation together as one people headed by a great leader. At present time, they are highly industrialized and major exporter to the rest of the world. They export Korean products NOT HUMANS. This young Korean student is miles better than our politicians and lawmakers. Just imagine, a young foreigner was able to zero-in our problems and suggested an effective solution, “PUT BACK YOUR LOVE TO YOUR COUNTRY.” A loud wake-up call to our people. How embarrassing!

Is there any hope for change in the horizon? Of course there is. Are you willing to go back home and spend the rest of your life rebuilding our nation? Every year we celebrate “Independence Day” but in reality our people are still in bondage of poverty and slavery resulted from the commission of our own mistakes. Our leaders and politicians must come out clean and demonstrate the practice of honesty and truthfulness. Public servants must serve not cheat the people. A complete system overhaul is eminent to regain the public trust. Law implementation must be equal to all citizens to have the taste of a real democracy. We have enough laws already. The problem resides in its quick and effective implementations. We need a national leader who possesses a big and loving heart and iron fists. A leader who means business and will set aside personal interests while leading the country to success. A leader who will not entertain any hidden agenda in the performance of his duties. Who would that be? Dr. Jose Rizal? Too bad he is long time gone, however, his legacy is still alive in the minds of our people. We need to use it to move our country forward. Like the South Korean student said, “We need to love our country.”

Whenever problems occur in our country, the leadership will yell for system change or change in the constitution. Currently, there are groups who are pushing for federalism. If we will further analyze, it is not the system got the problem. The culprits are the dishonest public servants whose eyes are wide open to the glitters of gold and their noses are addicted to the smell of money. They don’t realize that every penny of corruption represents food they pulled out from the mouth of the starving and sick Filipinos. I agree system change may help but if the leaders will be the same personalities, therefore, we will just dress the same ugly MONKEYS with different clothes and will eat all the BANANAS leaving nothing for the people.

Now, having said that, are you still proud to be called a Filipino? Do you have the willingness to share your talent and experience for the sake of our sinking country? Are you just thinking of yourself and letting our kababayans drown? In what small way you can do to help? Is the legacy of Dr. Jose Rizal still in your heart? It is pretty amazing that a young South Korean student has the heart that every Filipino should possess. THINK ABOUT IT!

@ kung ano-ano pang pakulo ng mga may kapangyarihan( 2 news sa baba)

WAHAHAHAHAHA ayos to ah suspendido lang ang mga pulis sa ginawang pagsalvage sa mga suspects. YES tama dapat lang mamatay yung mga gumawang ng malahayop na krimen sa RCBC. Walang kalaban laban at sa nakita ko eh talagang kukulo ang dugo mo sa mga hayop demonyong pumatay. Hmmm ang tanong lang sigurado bang yung mga napatay nila ang siyang nghold-up ng RCBC? Pinasok ng pulis ang bahay ng suspect, binati pa ng suspect sa loob ng kanyang tahanan at doon pinagbabaril pa sya? Bakit lalaban ang isang tao sa loob ng kanyang pamamahay kung alam nyang madadamay ang kanyang pamilya? 2 tanod kinaladkad ang pinatay pa di naman lumalaban. Ngaun bago nanaman ang pinatay sa operasyon ng mga pulis. Nakakapagtaka pero malakas ang pakiramdam kong kasabwat ang mga pulis na iyan. Baka maikanta eh kaya tinodas na agad hehe tapos suspendido lang. Pano tayo niyan? Pano kung sakaling napagbintangan kayo na kayo ay isa sa suspect dun? Edi papatyin din kayo nila na wala man lang pagtatanong at kasiguraduhan kung kayo nga ang kasama. Walang warrant of arrest oh kahit na ano basta titirahin nalang kayo at papalabasin na kayo ang suspect dahil napatay kayo ng mga pulis. 2 marines nangkidnap sa lipa??? Tsk tsk kanino kana hihingi ng tulong para sa kaligtasan mo kung ang hihingan mo mismo eh di ka ligtas? Pano ka dito sa pilipinas? Ang mga taong may kapangyarihan ganid parin sa kapangyarihan at pera? Todas tayo mga pilipino na nasasakyupan nila. Kung ang mga mayayaman nga eh ngagawan nila ng katarantaduhan pano pa ang mga katulad kong walang wala naman? Ang sulat kong iyoy di naman mapapakinggan at maihahalintulad ko lang sa isang butil ng buhangin sa dalampasigan ngunit sanay tumimo sa isipan ng mga mamayang pilipino upang mag sama sama at mapaglabanan ang matiwalian sa ating bansa kahit na alam nating wala na ang ating bansang ito dahil sa kahirapan, corruption, pagkaganid sa kapangyarihan…

Pakikiramay sa mga naulila sa RCBC tragedy. Naway makapit naten ang hustisya sa kanilang pagkamatay. May awa ang diyos. Magbabayad ang mga gumawa ng krimeng ito.




(UPDATE) PNP suspends cops in alleged RCBC suspects’ rubout

Philippine National Police (PNP) chief Director General Avelino Razon Jr. on Tuesday ordered the relief of nine policemen who were accused of summarily executing three suspects in the May 16 Rizal Commercial Banking Corp. (RCBC) robbery-massacre in Cabuyao, Laguna.

“This will give way for an impartial investigation and make sure that the concerned PNP personnel will not be able to use their position to influence the outcome of the investigation,” Razon said in a statement.

The nine policemen, including Superintendent Gilbert Sauro, are members of the Batangas police Intelligence division and Special Operations Group.

Razon ordered Chief Superintendent Ricardo Padilla, Calabarzon police director, to put the nine policemen under camp restriction.

The PNP chief, meanwhile, assured the Commission on Human Rights (CHR) that the PNP will provide its fact-finding body the complete list of the relieved PNP personnel.

The CHR recommended the PNP to place under preventive or administrative suspension all the policemen who were involved in the alleged rubout of suspects Angelito Malabanan, Rolly Lachica, and former village chief Vivencio Javier.

Police said the three suspects fired at policemen while being arrested in Barangay Pagaspas, Tanauan City in Batangas province last May 22 for their alleged involvement in the RCBC massacre.

On May 21, policemen also killed Pepito Magsino in another alleged encounter in Barangay 4, Tanauan City.

CHR Chairwoman Leila de Lima, however, held a press conference Monday and announced that witnesses have approached the rights body and revealed that Malabanan, Lachica and Javier were summarily executed by a group of plainclothesmen and uniformed policemen.

She said the witnesses saw policemen shoot the three suspects outside their homes while their hands were raised. The policemen fired more shots when the suspects were already lying down, De Lima said, quoting the testimonies of the witnesses.

“The initial investigation conducted by the [CHR’s] regional team shows that there are no traces of a shootout. So there is reason to believe that this is most probably a case of a rubout,” de Lima said.

De Lima said the CHR has yet to get witnesses in Magsino’s killing. She said there were raw information that Magsino was also murdered by the policemen.

Razon said he had instructed concerned PNP units to furnish the CHR copies of the after operations report, autopsy report, and Scene of Crime Operations (SOCO) report.

The CHR said its own medico-legal team and forensic expert Rachel Fortun will conduct an independent autopsy examination on the cadavers of the four slain suspects.

Razon had ordered the Directorate for Investigation and Detective Management under Director Jefferson Soriano to conduct its own investigation to determine if the police team violated police operational procedures.

The PNP has also formed a special investigation team to look at the allegations of the CHR’s witnesses. The team will be supervised by Chief Superintendent Rodolfo Mendoza, deputy DIDM director and Chief Superintendent Raul Castañeda.

The team is composed of officers from the Human Rights Affairs Office, Crime Laboratory, and the Regional Investigation and Detective Management Division of the Calabarzon police.

“This investigation will give the concerned members of Task Force RCBC the opportunity to present their side before a proper forum, and clarify allegations made by families of the slain suspects,” Razon said.



2 sarhento (Philippine Marines) tiklo sa kidnap

2 sarhento tiklo sa kidnap
Ni Arnell Ozaeta
Wednesday, May 7, 2008

LIPA CITY, Batangas – Dalawang sarheto ng Philippine Marines ang na­aresto ng mga awtoridad matapos kilalanin ng isang negosyan­teng Tsinoy na dumukot sa kanya noong Lunes ng ha­pon, ayon sa pulisya.

Kinilala ni P/Supt. Rod­ney Ramirez, Lipa police chief, ang mga suspek na sina Staff Sergeant Tomas Garcia at Staff Sergeant Quirino Cas­tillo, kapwa 38-anyos, mga residente ng Barangay Altura, Tanauan City at naka-assign sa Marine Security Escort Group, Fort Moniquolo, Ta­guig City at 6th Infantry Division sa Basilan.

Ayon sa ulat, sina Garcia at Castillo ay itinuturong du­mu­kot sa may-ari ng hardware store na si Joselito Go, 49, ng Concepcion Estate, Ba­rangay Mataas Na Lupa, Lipa City.

Napag-alamang papa­uwi na si Go nang harangin ng limang armadong kalala­kihan may ilang metro ang layo sa kanyang garahe habang sakay ng kanyang Nissan X-Trail (XRH-224) bandang alas-5:38 ng ha­pon noong Martes (April 1, 2008).

Sa salaysay ng biktima, hiningan siya ng P15-milyon para makalaya pero naga­wa niyang maibaba sa P1 mil­yon matapos ang maha­bang pakiusapan.

Pinayagan lang maka­laya si Go ng mga kidnaper matapos mangakong mag-iipon ng P1-milyon at ibigay ang kanyang clutch bag na may lamang P.270 milyon, relos na Tudor (P98,000), celfone (P26,000) at gold bracelet na may halagang P.1 milyon para maging parte sa kanyang ransom.

Kaagad naman nakipag-ugnayan si Go sa pulisya matapos pakawalan noong Abril 2 sa bahagi ng Ba­rangay Bulihan sa Malvar, Ba­tangas.

Sa isinagawang entrapment operation, nagpang­gap na drayber ni Go si P/Inspector Joel Laraya na nakipag-ugnayan sa mga kidnaper na magkita sa Le­vitown sa Barangay Ma­raouy hanggang sa ma­dakip ang dalawa na sakay ng Toyota Corolla (UMJ-332) noong Lunes ng ha­pon.

Kasalukuyan nang na­kakulong ang dalawang Marines sa Lipa police station habang inihahanda ang kasong kidnapping at robbery laban sa mga ito.

Eto lang masasabi ko…. bilang isang ordinaryong mamamayan na gusto lang eh mag online ako para kumuha ng ticket dahil dun mapapadali ang pagreserve para kuha ticket nlaang bayad then go lipad. Sinong matutuwa na namomroblema kana sa flight mo dahil sa AKALA mo eh ok na yung ONLINE eh wla palang kwenta at papupuntahin karin sa ticketing office(mabuti pang di n ngonline waste of time) at sa halip na asikasuhin ka dahil hassle n sila eh nakapagyosi pa yung empleyado na supposed to be makakatulong sau??? Tama na ang pagalingan sa system or what ever. Ang siste dyn wag kayong magpalabs ng system na di ganun kaganda abay madami ang maabala sa gagawin yan. Ok yung mild error pero yan? Ikaw na may attendang kasal ng lets say 10am then di k makasakay. Well nasasabi nyo yan dahil hindi kayo ang nasa kalagayan nya at hindi kayo ang naperwisyo. Tignan lang naten kung sa inyo mangyare yan kung hindi umusok angtumbong nyo. Aminin……. (p.s. biglang pagalingan sa nalalaman sa pag dedevelop ah. try nyo mg ask sa experts baka mapahiya kayo. lam ko di sila ngpapalabas ng system na ganun kabugok. at dun sa sinasabing wag ibaba ang navitaire dahil sa ngyare dapat pa nga mas ayusin nila ang trabaho nila at mkakatulong din sa knila yun. kaya nga testing eh cyempre ayan ang result diba??? Last blog nya yun kaya wala ka pakelam kung anong gusto nyang sabihin. Peace!!!! ^^, magblog ka rin para maintindihan mo angpagboblog)


eto ang kanyang written blog

UPDATE: Due to the shortcomings of this initial post, I wrote a follow-up post entitled Cebu Pacific’s failure isn’t in the software, it’s on the phone.

Melynn, who operates I-NAV Travel & Tours, got pissed yesterday. She arrived at the Cebu Pacific ticketing office at 10 in the morning. By the time she was done, it was already 3 in the afternoon. The office was simply overwhelmingly jampacked.

Nope, there was no Piso Fare promo going on. Everyone was doing their transactions manually because Cebu Pacific just changed their perfectly fine online reservation system with a massively confusing online facility made by Navitaire.

I don’t know precisely why Cebu Pacific replaced their previous online system. It was working fine last time. But a few weeks ago they changed it and it is now what it is.

At first the bugs seem to be really simple, and as a web developer myself I understand how bugs such as this could happen:

Bad rendering of div blocks in Cebu Pacific site via IE7

That’s a screen shot of the online reservation system jumbling its div tags in Internet Explorer 7.0.

Cebu Pacific doesn’t work with Firefox 2.0

And the online reservation system absolutely doesn’t work in Firefox 2.0. Or at least doesn’t go beyond the flight search page. Which renders it useless for FF users. I wonder how it is in Safari.

However, the above are simple bugs really. It’s easy (at least for me) to excuse these kinds of errors.

But along the way they also changed things that shouldn’t be changed. A guy named Phen commented this on a previous thread about Cebu Pacific’s service:

I used to fly Cebu Pacific for my personal trips, the reason being cheap. However with what happened to me last April 4, 2008 for my Davao-Cebu flight, I will never be on this carriage again. I was supposed to fly to Cebu at 6.30 am, I was there at Davao airport 5am. Upon checking in, I was told that I couldn’t take the flight because my ticket wasn’t confirmed! I purchased it online with confirmed status clearly indicated in my print-out. The not-so-customer-oriented staff pointed out that the status for payment was pending, which was written at the bottom part of the ticket. Who on earth would think that you were not able to pay when you got a confirmation?! And worst, nobody from Cebu Pacific thought of calling me to let me know. I was denied right on the spot, and when I asked for their assistance to at least get me in, the lady in the check in counter just instructed me to go to the ticketing office.

Here comes the worst part, no one from the ticketing office had the consideration to prioritize me or give me a confirmed reservation for the next flight at the least. The ticketing staff, Mr. Jonathan Leonor, just told me to wait so that they could check. I was waiting already for an hour, and got the same response when I asked for a reservation. He had even the gut to go out for a cigarette break, what kind of staff are these? [Is Cebu Pacific hoodwinking its passengers into empty flights?]

I verified the above with my wife, and she said it was true. Their e-tickets now have two statuses that you have to check: reserved and paid, and instantly confusion is introduced into the system. Let me illustrate:

  • Reservation is pending and payment is pending. Can you board the plane? No.
  • Reservation is confirmed and payment is pending. Can you board the plane? No.
  • Reservation is pending and payment is confirmed. Can you board the plane? No.
  • Reservation is confirmed and payment is confirmed. Can you board the plane? Yes.

There is exactly one and only one set of conditions where you can board the plane, and that is when both reservation and payment are confirmed. Why did they have to break the two down and confuse the passengers? This disambiguation which instead of making things clear has led to utter confusion is an act of monumental stupidity on the part of both Cebu Pacific and the software developer Navitaire.

Passengers do not care if either their reservation or their payment is confirmed or not. Passengers only care if they can board the plane or not. This is the question that needs to be answered, and clearly Cebu Pacific does not answer this question clearly in their system, and the result is pissed, inconvenienced passengers who have suffer the hassle of being turned back and made to cancel their travel plans because Cebu Pacific did not make things clear to them.

Yes it sounds cliche, but I really have to say it here: if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. Cebu Pacific should not have changed their previous online system. Or at least Navitaire should’ve entered a more intensive QA phase wherein they hallway-tested the results of their system where it would be revealed that their e-tickets are absolutely confusing.

So for the record: Avoid Cebu Pacific at all costs. At least for the next few months — until they fix their system, or bring the old one back.

MALAS : wabby naka block na d2 ang friendster, youtube, at iba pang sites

MALAS : pano na yan pag freetime? ano kayang problema nnman at ng hihigpit sila.

MALAS : di naman naapektuhan ang work namen sa mga sites

MALAS : ng reresign na nga ang tao dahil sa mababa na ang sweldo tapos panget pa pmamalakad tapos i block pa nila.

MALAS : 2 years & a half eto parin ang sweldo ko at wla yung nakapangakong level up kc di nmn pala kelangan ng client ng level 2 hehehe. isipin mo yun level 1 k habang buhay.

MALAS : tapos wala n yung outing. pang motivate man lang sana nila. ang rason eh mahirap daw i organize at madmi. alam kong alam nila na we will not buy that reason. well kc dmi naka payroll n di ksama sa kumpanya eh. san nga kau ng outing?

WABBY : hehe sa grande island resort. 😛

MALAS : ah. cant afford kami dyan. pambili nalang ng luxury car ng may ari yung pera pandagdag sa lambo, porsce, bmw nya.

WABBY : hehe

WABBY : Kami may bago na scheme.

MALAS : Ano yun?

WABBY : ayun every year meron kaming performance bonus scheme


WABBY : annually yun

WABBY : tapos meron kaming employee’s annual sharing

WABBY : pag my nabenta kaming product

WABBY : or nagpalease kami

WABBY : my certain percentage mtatangap ang employees

WABBY : mas matagal ka dito nagwork mas malaki mkukuha mo

WABBY : around 25 thousand dollars lang naman 😛

WABBY : ung makukuha mong profit sharing hehe

WABBY : kaya magtatagal ako dto hehehehe

WABBY : makakabili ka na ng bahay at lupa

MALAS: 😐 (Straight Face)

WABBY : pati kotse pa hehehe

WABBY: nice 😐 (Straight Face)

WABBY : the longer the better

WABBY : sabi nga hehe

WABBY : hehe mabait boss namin

WABBY : d mo makikitaan ng mga mahal na kotse

WABBY : gusto nia sa lahat ung pera

WABBY : ay w8 lang po ah dumating na yung sarili kong MAC. log out npo ako d2. dun muna ako sa pantry mag log in sa ym may pc naman dun libre tapos pwede kapa kumuha ng food at drinks free. log out po muna huh.

MALAS : Ah… 😐


WABBY : mahal sa max’s kami mglunch

WABBY :  buong company nmn

MALAS : ok. ako din punta na sa pantry.

MALAS : bon apetit……. 😐

Eto ang hotspot! Wifi

This news and footage came from this site


I guess di sila gagawa ng kahit na anong image manipulation. Yan ang nakuha eh. That’s our army! Be proud to our PHILIPPINE ARMY! Who’s browsing porn over an important forum.

Masamang masama ang loob ko ngaun. Maagang maaga gumising ako dahil may tatagpuin ako sa gma kamuning ng alas syiete.Check ako ang cellphone ko at may text saken doon na papunta na cya. Dali dali ako dahil makati pa ako. Naligo, nilagay lahat ang gamit sa bag, pera at cellphone sa bulsa. Paglabas ng bahay sakay taxi. Altis na taxi. di ko na tinignan ang plate number at di ko na itinext sa girlfriend ko so di ko n nilabas ang phone. Basta nkaupo lang ako at antok pa.pagdating ng gma bukas ng bag para kuhanin ang wallet para mgbayad. pagbaba ko ng taxi kumapa ako sa bulsa para kunin ang cell at maitx ang kikitain ko. aba wala sa bulsa ko ang cell. Check ko sa bag wala din. check ko ang taxi? aba wala na ang taxi. So ayun… wala na ang pinagpaguran ko para bilhin na cellphone. Tinawagan ko cya eh unreachable na. Ok sa madaling salita nahulog ang cellphone ko. So ganto na sa sa pilipinas. Pag nahulog mo ang isang bagay lalo nat may value sorry ka nalang. Oo pwede mong sabihin tanga ang taong yon dahil nalaglag nya? Sa bagay di ako perpekto pero kelangan mo bang angkinin ang hindi iyo??? Ako sa totoo lang nakapulot na ako ng wallet at ibinalik ko dahil iniisip ko kung ako yung nawalan siguradong masama ang loob ko. Lalo n siguro kung yung cellphone. Eh kung cellphone na talagang mamahalin ang nawala sa iyo? aby oo madedemonyo ako na kunin nalang para saken. Pakelam ko sayo diba? pero di ako ganun eh. Tama ba yon? Pano kung pawis at dugo mo ang nilaan doon? bakit mo aangkinin ang di naman sa iyo? Pag ka pulot sabay tanggal ng battery at sim. oo nawala ang cellphone kong 6300. Di gaanong mamahalin kung sa iba ngunit saken ay napakamahal nito. Alam kong walang pakealam ang iba dahil di sila ang nawalan. Eto lang ang nasaisip ko. Magnanakaw talaga ang halos lahat ng pilipino. Mula sa pinakamataas. Wala na talaga. Mga sarili nalang ang iniisip. Magpapatayan yang mga kapwa ko pilipino pag hinagisan ng karne parang hayop(common sense nalang). Katulad ng kakilalang kong nahulugan ng wallet sa fx byaheng san mateo rizal. salikod cya nakaupo kaharp ang isang lalake. Lage daw nktingin sa kanya yon. Bumaba cya n di alam n wl n wallet nya. Ang ng balik pa eh isang pilipinong taga LAS VEGAS na sumakay sa cubao meaning nakikot na uli ang fx. Wala n daw lamang pera malamang eh kinuha nung una at itinapon uli sa ilalim ng upuan sa likod . Iba siguro ang mga tao dun sa kanila. Eh ang pilipino kaya na andito sa pilipinas? Iyan na nga ba talaga ang pilipinas? ang pilipino? MAGNANAKAW??? PILIPINO??? gusto ko sanang sabihing tubuan ka sana ng TITI sa noo yung inangkin ang cellphone ko. ssshheeeesssshhh…



Ayon sa kasulatan, ayon sa mga nakaraan
Ayon sa mga nangyayari noon at sa nangyayari ngayon
Tayong mga Pilipino raw ay may ugaling magnanakaw
Mula pa no’ng unang panahon hanggang sa kasalukuyan

Ito kaya’y totoo, ito kaya’y nangyayari
Ito kaya’y nangyayari noon, nangyayari din kaya ngayon
Ito kaya’y dahil na rin sa ating katamaran
Hindi tapat sa gawain at sa iba’y nakikinabang

Tingnan mo ang iyong sarili, suriin mo ang iyong ginagawa
Ikaw ba’y isang magnanakaw at taong mapagsamantala
Hindi nagpapapawis, hindi lumuluha
Ginagamit ang galing sa hindi tamang gawa

Ang magnanakaw ay mapagsamantala
Magaling magkunwari, madaling makilala
Balat-kayong ginagamit kahit hindi sa pirata
Magnanakaw pa rin ang nakikita sa kanya

May nagnanakaw ng oras, talino at pawis
Pati ang galing kung minsa’y ninanakaw rin
Ano kaya ang dapat gawin ngayong alam na natin
Dahil na rin ba sa katamaran, hahayaan na lang ba natin

Tingnan mo ang iyong sarili, suriin mo ang ‘yong ginagawa
Ikaw ba’y isang magnanakaw at taong mapagsamantala
Hindi nagpapapawis, hindi lumuluha
Magnanakaw ng oras, galing at pawis ng iba

[Repeat CHORUS]


Aba ayus tong napanood ko sa TV. Mga nagpapapako sa krus. Grabe ang mga turista! Dagsaan!!! Abay only in the philippines eh. Pero ano nga bang dahilan at nagpapapako sila sa krus??? Own intention? For the sins? etc.? Hmmm… hindi ko lang alam kung matapos yung pagpapapako nila sa krus eh natupad nga ang mga hiling nila (gumaling ang skit ng ina, kapatid etc.) pero nagbago kaya sila sa sarili nila? Nagpapako ka nga sa krus pero nagbago ka ba? Naging mabuti kaba matapos noon? Akoy isang katoliko. Mahl ko ang aking relihiyon pero tila sumosobra ata tayo. Akoy umatend minsan ng isang pagsamba sa isang relihiyon upang mapagaralan ang kanilang paniniwala. Iyon ay isa na ring paraan upang di ka basta basta manghusga na wala namang nalalaman. Meron palang nabanggit sa bible. Walang mga pagpapako sa krus na sinabi doon para lamang magtika. Magagalit pa nga ang diyos pag daw gumawa noon. Sayang at di ko naisulat ang passage. Gawangtao lamang pala. Ano ba ito para lamang masabi ang mga pilipino na napaka relihiyoso nila?I wonder. Palagay sa aking opinyon ito ha na mabuti pang magdasal ka sa loob ng bahay o simbahan at magsisi ka ng tunay sa mga ginawa mong ksalanan at mangako na gagawin mo ang iyong makakaya na di na bumalik sa ganoong pamumuhay. Tao lamang tayo at alam nating di naten mgagawa ang mag perpektong bagay pero mabuti na ang nagsisi ng tunay at iwasang gumawa ng kasalanan. Indi nasusukat ng diyos palagay ko ang magpahirap ka sa sarili mo magbuhat ng krus o paduguin mo ang likod mot maglakad sa initan. Ang alam ko nasabi sa bible eh pasanin naten ang ating krus kung gusto naten sumama sa kanya. Sa aking palagay sa pagpasan ng krus ay ang pagpasan sa ating mga problema at mga pagsubok. Hindi ito nasusukat sa paggawa ng himala o sa pagpapahirap ng sarili. Di kayo pinipigilan, sige lang pero mag-isip din kayo. Hanapin nyo ang passage na sinasbi ko. Ang tungkol sa pagpapako sa krus etc. Maganda magtanong kau sa Iglesia ni Cristo at yan ang isang pag aaral nila. bow

Check nyo to: http://thechapel.wordpress.com/2008/03/22/church-leaders-frown-upon-crucifixions/